Dear Alumni,

I have something in common with our 14 new faculty and incoming students. This fall, we embark on our first year at Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. Together, we will deepen our knowledge of resources available for student success, of our leading-edge research, and, perhaps most importantly, how to navigate Link Hall and Sci-Tech.

At a time when the world needs engineers and computer scientists more than ever, I can think of no better place to be than here at SU. As an intimate college within a comprehensive research university, we are well positioned as leaders in education and research. The intellectual curiosity of the faculty, staff, students, and alumni, to learn, discover, and solve is apparent—and is one of the many qualities that attracted me to the College.

I am grateful for the strong foundation created by interim dean Chilukuri K. Mohan and former dean Laura J. Steinberg. Along with our new students and faculty, I am ready to listen, learn, study and work, to continue the upward trajectory of our impact on education and research.


Dean Teresa A. Dahlberg

The Desk Zone: Temperature Control at Work

Professor H. Ezzat Khalifa is developing an energy-saving solution that allows thermostats to be raised in the summer and lowered in the winter without impacting occupant comfort.

Understanding Thermodynamics: There’s an App for That

Professor Shikha Nangia is developing interactive web-based simulations that transforms chemical engineering concepts into hands-on, active learning applications.

Capturing Carbon Through Cleaner Combustion

In Professor Jeongmin Ahn’s lab, researchers are developing a material to facilitate the capture of carbon dioxide before it can be released into the atmosphere.

Dredging Up a Solution for Geotextile Tubes

Zeru Kiffle, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will analyze the factors that cause geotextile tubes to rupture when stacked.

David Richardson ’08, Electrical Engineering

Richardson reflects on the class that taught him to “think as an engineer” and describes his appreciation of the Syracuse University community.

Remembering Doug Danforth ’47

Danforth, an accomplished alumnus, trustee, and supporter of the University, passed away this June.

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